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radioart106 is an independent monthly radio-art program curated and produced by Meira Asher since 2014. Its first home was the college station KolHaCampus106fm, until it closed.

radioart106 explores a wide spectrum of creative radio by worldwide radio artists. Radio-art is a subset of Sound-art where Radio-art is produced for/with the medium of radio and is specifically suited to be broadcasted on air waves. Radioart opens new ways and approaches to radio making, where the listener takes part whether because the intensity of the listening experience, and often in the listener's active participation.

In 2023-24 radioart106 airs on USMARADIO, BernRaBe,, Radio Tsonami, P-Node and Radio Campus Paris. Affiliated with

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Composer, performer and Human Rights activist Meira Asher primarily uses the medium of Sound-art and Radio-art. Graduate of CalArts and KonCon, she was co-founder of the bodylab art foundation with Guy Harries (The Hague 2001-11) where they produced several projects including Infantry and Woman See Lot of Things.

Former lecturer at Haifa university's music School 2012-2022, producer of the independent radio show radioart106 since 2014, and member of the Shortwave Collective. Her works were released on Crammed, Sub Rosa, Auditorium, Raash Records and Ultima Ratio labels. Her recent works include Antonin Artaud’s radio essay for stage and tape To Have Done with the Judgement of God, 2022 commission Sonic Voyage of Resistance and The Catastrophe trilogy by duo Asher.Zax and guests.

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