Yummy // Sonic Youth & Deerhunter
Yummy // Sonic Youth & Deerhunter


lundi 12 novembre 2018

On écoute Sonic Youth pour fêter les 30 ans de la sortie de Daydream Nation, album majeur de la formation. En parallèle, on parle de l'actualité de Deerhunter. On profite de ces actus pour écouter toute sorte de rock indie, qu'il soit folk ou foutraque.


J Mascis "See You At The Movies" (Elastic Days - Sub Pop - 2018)

Deerhunter ‎"Death In Midsummer" (Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? - 4AD - 2018)

Diet Cola ‎ "Early Learning" (Early Learning - autoproduit - 2007)

S.I.D.S "My Other Vehicle Is A Stretcher" (My Other Vehicle Is A Stretcher - Goodnight Records -2006)

Sonic Youth "Teen Age Riot" (Daydream Nation - Geffen - 1988)

Thurston Moore "Aphrodite" (Rock'n'Roll Consciousness - Caroline Records - 2017)

Tomorrows Tulips "Turn It Down" (Harnessed To Flesh - Burger Records - 2018)

Tapeworms "Ice Cream" (Everything Will Be Fine - Buddy Records / Dirty Slap Records - 2018)

Tim Presley "Lorelei" (I Have to Feed Larry's Hawk - Drag City - 2019)

Jim O'Rourke (Halfway To A Threeway - Drag City / Domino - 1999)

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