Des souterrains arabes 10: RUST DUO - ENGLISH VERS...
Des souterrains arabes 10: RUST DUO - ENGLISH VERSION


Autour du globe
dimanche 16 juin 2024

Starting from a more traditional background of classical arab music through oud, maqams, and vocal technique, Rust built a sound of their own. Petra and Hany share a common knowledge and love for their arabic heritage they play on the the textures of arab music to inspire their electronic productions. Whether it’s the tarab phenomenon, egyptian poetry or the repetition and loops of electronic sounds Rust is one of a kind duo digging deep in their roots in order to represent the music of a new generation of artists.

Discover both Petra’s and Hany’s journeys through music, how they met and created Rust, their perspective on the actual underground music scene in the Middle East and the challenge that it is to be an indie artist nowadays.


  1. Rust - Nos Leil
  2. Rust - Bi Redak
  3. Rust - Emta
  4. Rust - Laa
Des souterrains arabes
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